Başpınar Co. Ltd. was founded in May 22nd 1980 and commenced operations with total of 7 personnel under the management of our founder Altay Akarı. Production has started in a small flour mill taken over from the state, with a daily wheat crushing capacity of 12 tons.

As a result of the hard works done experience were gained in the production techniques for increasing the product quality, therefore the decision of making the first important investment was taken and the daily wheat crushing capacity was increased to 25 tons. Until the year 2015, investments in the production line has continued, increasing daily wheat crushing capacity up to 100 tons Besides the wholesale sales of standard bread flour, in year 1996 company has started marketing of consumer size packaged cake flour, donut flour and pastry flour varieties of which were distributed to the final consumer through supermarkets. This was the first step of our company for building brand awareness in the market.

Baspinar Co Ltd. has led the milling sector by being the first to apply the dry system cleaning unit which helped us to decrease the waste material ratio down to “ %0 ”. Our company has set an example not only in it the milling sector but in the industrial sector with its sensitivity for the environmental protection.

2002 was a year to remember in our company’s history. “Family Business Management” was left behind and professional managerial restructuring adopted in the company. Besides, the decision was taken for the start of the new facility project with a daily wheat crushing capacity of 220 tons and fully automated state of art production line. The project put into life in August 2002 and was completed in December 2005.

Today, Başpınar Co Ltd. leads the sector with consciousness, that it is the biggest and the most modern factory in the island. Başpınar Co Ltd. continues its activities as a model organization and as a leader in the sector with a 55% market share, with best product standards and service quality.