Company Policy

As the company policy, Başpınar Co. Ltd. has adapted these basic principles and targets;
  • To follow the LEGAL and CORPORATE STANDARDS,
  • To develop PRODUCTS and SERVICES beyond the needs and expectations of the customers and to deliver them fully and in due time,
  • To have the HUMAN HEALTH and HYGIENE PRINCIPLES as the principle in all stages of the production,
  • To have CONTINUOUS PROGRESS based on the needs of the customers,
  • Always to be an ENTREPRENEUR, LEADER and MENTOR in all the sectors company has activities,
  • To provide TRAINING and SUPPORT for increasing the work and personal productivity and satisfaction of the employees, to make that the company’s employees are efficient in the decision taking and target determination points,
  • To carefully MEASURE, DEVELOP and HAVE THE HARMONY between all processes, to increase our productivity and to decrease the losses,
  • To LEAD the participated sector for determining and monitoring the company’s growth and development targets; therefore to satisfy the customers, suppliers and employees,